3 Things I learned in 2022

Three things I learned last year:

1) If I am sick or run-down, I will get better faster if I take a day to rest completely, rather than trying to push through. 
2) I actually enjoy lifting weights. 
3) I love to learn. I love to be challenged, I love to be held accountable and refined in my learning, and I love teaching about it afterwards.

Three things I re-learned last year:

1) How to cook a perfectly poached egg in five minutes. If you follow this recipe of our nation’s great treasure, Alton Brown, you’ll nail it every time.
2) It is good for human souls have at least one hobby that cannot be monetized, content-ized, or improved upon for public consumption.
3) Forgiveness always begins at the inexcusable (Lewis, The Weight of Glory 179-183). It is what must be done after explaining away what can be excused by upbringing, time, anxiety, circumstance, prevailing conditions, the weather, situational complexities, misunderstandings, intentions, personality, constitution, quirks, and anything else that might fall under the most charitable assessment possible of the offense. When we have made allowances for all that can be excused, what we are left with is the inexcusable; and it is there that forgiveness really begins. 

Forgiveness was made for the inexcusable. 
Forgiveness was made for sin. 
Forgiveness was wrought for you, and it was wrought for me, and it is ours to freely receive (John 1:29).

Thanks be to God, for His indescribable gift.

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