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Welcome to Doctor* Pew. I’m not a doctor (hence the asterisk), but I love all things doctrine and almost all things Doctor Who (please come back, Russell T. Davies). Two of my favorite gifts from God are good tea and C.S. Lewis. I think the apostle Paul and I would’ve been good friends, and I am fascinated by the human condition.

My favorite writers make me feel known, and like I’m not alone in this world – not in my joys, and not in my sufferings. Over the years, I’ve learned that whatever it is, it’s usually not just me. I write to you, dear reader, so that you might know (from one stumbling saint to another) that whatever it is, it’s not just you, either.

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Everything Else

3 Things I learned in 2022

Three things I learned last year: 1) If I am sick or run-down, I will get better faster if I take a day to rest …

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Russet - Edited
Thoughts from the Pews

On Seasons and Self-Preservation

A few weeks ago, I was walking through the newest leaf pile under a neighbor’s Oak, struck to stillness at the russet hill and the …

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Everything Else

The Pewsletter: October Edition

Hi, do you remember when I made that meme five months ago? Happy October, and I am here to confirm that while necessary in the …

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