Sometimes, but also so many times
I lose sight of the Altar and
the altars I’ve built
as He’s altered my life and
I’ll beg and I’ll plead at an abundant table,
beseeching Him not to forget me as He patiently refills my cup with living water.

And He reminds me of the prayers I’ve prayed,
desperate needs divinely met,
fears relieved and
angers ceased and
shame released and
hope, reprieve, or
that one time I begged Him to save my best friend, promising if He did, I’d never doubt Him again
and then He did.

And who is this God who bends to serve,
washing our feet and tear streaked faces,
filling our cups and plates,
paying no mind to the presence of our enemy, while
calling Orion by name, bringing one down and exalting another.

Today, overwhelmed, I cried out;
‘Lord help me!’ and He said
“I AM”
and that is more than enough.

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